ENGL 210: Introduction to Creative Writing

Attentive Resistance Fall 2019

Transcription Assignment (due Wednesday 10/23 at 11:59pm)

Your second fiction assignment is to write a word-for-word transcription (no-editing) of a conversation you overhear. Include all “um”s and stutters and whatever it takes to recreate the conversation. (However, don’t give background! Just write the words said.) The conversation should be around 1-2 minutes.

You can get more creative with it if you’d like, but the format might look something like this:

Person A: Blah blah blah and then he said blah.

Person B: Well, I heard that blah blah blah.

Person A: No blah-ing way.


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15 thoughts on “Transcription Assignment (due Wednesday 10/23 at 11:59pm)

  1. Person C: Thank you so much for requesting this, this is great comedy

    Person B: *mockingly laughs

    Person A: A-A-Another thing I get fucking pissed at is that-is that it’s the people who go on my fucking videos, when I get fucking angry at this goddam story for u-using this fucking serious subject just throwing it- then throwing it in there to give some fucking sympathy for the character and I get pissed at it and then people go “oh what there was no rape in this story” fuck off! It’s right there right in front of you-!

    Person B:Between the lines

    Person C:Yeah it’s called- I mean obviously being implicit isn’t something that people that read Creepypasta tend to understand because this isn’t just covered in “water all red, black and hyper-realistic blood” I’m sure we will get to that point, but reading between the lines it’s very obvious what’s going on.

    Person A: Also I want to point this out like-like some people have come to me and told me when I get angry at a story “oh you-you don’t like stories that use rape?” no, the problem is I have no problem with you know people using rape and shit in a story if it’s handled well and if the people know what they are talking about, this fucking author doesn’t know what they are talking about and they just threw it in there just to give the character some quote on quote “depth”. Except its not working because they just…Fuck!

    Person C:Now it’s just a lecture-th-this is moral outrage, the story.

  2. Person A (bus driver): ma’am you have to close your stroller, I’m not moving until you close it.

    Person B (women with stroller): Jesus fucking Christ! Don’t start with me, I Ride this bus every fucking day and you the only one who be saying shit about it. It’s hard to close and open with all my bags here, just move!

    Person A: I’ve asked you several times close the stroller, you know the rules of the bus, don’t act like you don’t.
    *bus driver shuts off the bus.

    Person B: You lucky you got a law a against you, I’d fuck you up. Come out from behind the glass!

    Person C(random guy on the bus): Miss please let me help you close the stroller!

    *stroller gets closed, person B muttered something throughout the ride.

  3. Ashley Anderson
    English 270W
    Professor Cornetta

    Conversation transcription

    Person 1: “I want to drop Spanish because I’m not doing well in it. I failed three tests and I don’t want to have to worry about dropping my GPA”
    Person 2: “Yeah. I get it. So you’re going to check when it is that you’re able to register for next semester”
    Person 1: “So I register on November 5th for classes and I can drop the class now and register for January.”
    Person 2: “I would recommend you see an advisor so you can ask about dropping the class and registering all in one shot.”
    Person 1:“No. I know I want to drop the class.”
    Person 2: “Okay. So then drop it.”
    Person 1: “Okay. And then I can register for next semester on November 5th but I can come back whenever for an advisor.”
    Person 2: “Yes.”

  4. Person A: I-I can’t believe they just let them get away with things like that! Leaving packages in the lobby? Really?
    Person B: Even after, even after the management put up the notices, they keep doing it. It’s like they can’t read.
    Person A: You know what— (takes sip of coffee) what’s worse is that yesterday, I got a text that my package was delivered. So I check outside my door, nothing. Checked the lobby, nothing. Checked my mailbox, nothing.
    Person B: Wh-where was your package?
    Person A: Outside! Right outside the building. Really? Who does that and thinks they’ve done a good job?
    Person B: (laughs) Someone just asking to be fired.

  5. Person A- This is collusion vs me the fuck
    Person B- You fucked me in the other league
    Person A- ugh what
    Person B- Ty Johnson
    Person A- Sorry I had a higher waiver claim
    Person B- uh I was getting him?
    Person A- um how were you getting him if I put the fucking claim for him

  6. Person A: Yooo bro what sup?
    Person B: OH Yo what sup I did not see you.
    Person A: Yea I just got in the bus through the back door.
    Person B: Oh nahh lucky the bus driver did not see you.
    Person A: Fuck the bus driver I am getting in regardless bruh.
    Person B: You be tripping bruh.
    Person A: What you was listening to?
    Person B: Bad bunny.
    PersonA: Ohhh you like him now? I put you on that’s why huh?
    Person B: NOOO! I been listening to him!
    Person A: Stop lying.
    Person B: How am I lying? I am being foreal tho.
    Person A: You didn’t even listen to Spanish music til I put you on to Bad Bunny .
    Person B: Whatever his songs be lit tho.
    Person A: Facts bro. I still put you on tho.
    Person B: Yea ok whatever.
    Person A: Alright I am heading back cause I am trying to sit see you.
    Person B: OK see you.

  7. Person A: I’m so disappointed
    Person B: What happened?
    Person A: Did you watch the game last night?
    Person B: Yeah…
    Person A: They kept using the same pitchers.
    Person B: I know.
    Person A: Sometimes they get tired.
    Person B: I know I was wondering why.

  8. Person A: Did you guys read the thing for homework?
    Person B: No, thing is like 200 pages
    Person C: Wait, then how did you do the homework?
    Person B: (laughs) I guessed until I got 5 out of 5 correct
    Person A: (laughs) How are we going to answer this then?
    Person B: I’m already expecting a C in this class (shrugs)
    Person A: (Laughs) I’m so done with this class
    Person C: Just write whatever, it’s not like she’s going to read 300 responses of this entire lecture hall
    Person A: Thank you both, FOR NOTHING

  9. Person A: BRO! My girl is so f**cking annoying.
    Person B: Ummm so break up with her duhh.
    Person A: I meannnn I still like her. She just too jealous of everything.
    Person B: Obviously you idiot, she caught you cheating before.
    Person A: Okay so what? It’s wasn’t even that big of a deal.
    Person A: Sex with no feelings behind it is just an act of pleasure
    Person B: *shakes her head* people like you will never find true love.
    Person A: Yeah yeah w.e I’ll see you tmm
    *starts to walk of the bus*
    Person B: You really gotta get it together. That girl deserves better man.
    Person A: *Rolls eyes and walks off the bus*

  10. Person A: Yeah, she’s turning twenty-one.
    Person B: So, are you guys doing anything for her birthday?
    Person A: I just finished decorating the apartment. Tori’s buying the drinks.
    Person B: Oh my god, do you have pictures of the apartment? You’re so extra. It probably looks dope.
    Person A: Yeah! *pulls out phone* See those are the streamers, and it matches the entire Halloween theme we’re doing.
    Person A: And I got her these shoes that she’s been talking about for weeks. We all chipped in to pay for them.
    Person B: Hey! My sister has those.

  11. A: Hey.
    B: Mmh?
    A: I’m going to get rid of your depression today. You’re never going to hear from her ever again.
    B: … *gasp* Aww! Oh my goodness…
    B: My depression never existed.
    A: (chuckles)
    B: That’s so cuuuttteee, it just started hugging it… Aww…
    B: Why can’t society be this adorable?
    A: Mmh.
    B: I want a monkey.
    A: (laughter that dies off)
    B: Like I’ve always wanted one, but I… (mumbles) Like I’m not ready to have a pet like that.
    A: Yeah, you’re also not ready to be, like, put in jail, but y’know.
    B: Mmm, wait. Does having a monkey mean- make you go to jail?
    A: You can’t just, grab a monkey-
    B: Noo, no, I mean adopt one, not grab one.
    A: I know. You can’t be doing that.
    B: Oh my god, really? That’s stupid.

  12. A: Did you empty the dishwasher?
    B: In a minute.
    A: Excuse you? I asked an hour ago.
    B: UGH I just got home from cheer.
    A: You got home from cheer an hour ago. Can you please empty the dishwasher?
    B: (Low grumbling)
    C: Did you hear what your mother said? Get up!
    B: I am-uh!
    C: She asked you an hour ago! Let’s go!
    B: I’m getting up right now-uh!
    A: Just empty the dishwasher so I can empty the sink.
    B: Okay!

  13. person #1
    Okay may I ask you a question right. hmmm: what is the worst thing about being young ?
    person #2
    Well, you get a lot of homework. It’s also pretty it’s like in the middle like it’s all in in the middle of bad and good What is the worst thing about being old ?
    person #1
    Not being able to do things that you could do when you were young aaaaa
    person #2
    Ummmm Like you cannot bend down to get stuff on then floor
    person #1
    Well I can still do that, but the problem is that your body gets a bit stiff
    person #2
    Oh I know it hurts a lot when you try to bend down Yeahhhhhhh
    person #1
    That’s right yes. You might get sick more often.
    person #2
    Oooh yeah
    person #1
    Hopefully I don’t. But that’s the problem.
    person #2
    Yeah that’s pretty bad
    person #1
    It is pretty bad
    person #2
    The only time I went to the hospital was my mom didn’t like getting born.
    person #1
    Ah yeah. Do you wish you were older?
    person #2
    Maybe like so if I were old I could buy stuff for my own and be married but that would be ewww.

  14. Person A: You guys took forever to get ready. I had to go out and get air. Uh while I was walking I met this nice man. He’s going to go to New York. And you guys take so long getting ready I don’t know what to do. I have to walk or I sit in the room for hours. You guys are —
    Person B: This is my son and this is my niece. Say hi guys!
    Person C: Hi monsieur.
    Person D: Hello monsieur!
    Person B: Tell him your names.
    Person D:I am Allan!
    Person C: Je m’appelle Kiera.
    Person A: Oh my god. How cute. Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour, bonjour. They’re so sweet. Isn’t the breakfast good? Let’s go get ready and go out already. Come on guys, my god.

  15. *Names have been changed from original*

    Person A: I left him on seen, it’s whatever.
    Person B: Yo, just block him.
    Person C: Wait, what’s going on?
    Person B: You know Jason? Amy’s friend? The one that went to high school with her?
    Person C: I didn’t go to high school with a guy named Jason.
    Person D: No, remember when we were talking about that weird guy last week who hit her up?
    Person B: Whatever, she dubbed him and he wrote her a whole paragraph, saying, “stop being a child, badadadada.”
    Person D: Remember when we were talking about that guy who invited her over to his crib?
    Person C: Wait, this is the EMT guy?
    Person B, C, D: No, no.
    Person C: Or the other one, that-that Mexican one.?
    Person A: No.
    Person C: There’s another one?
    Person A: *laughs*
    Person D: Remember? We were talking about it last week. You were there!
    Person A: I’ll show you, wait. He– wait.
    Person B: She’s dubbing him. He asked- he asked to hang out, and she dubbed him, and then he wrote a whole paragraph saying, “you know what? like, if you’re gonna be a child–” like he just started like cutting her ass–
    Person D: As if she led him on, which she did not.
    Person B: Mind you, he sent that at 10.30pm, which means he was listening to Bryson Tiller and got in his bag. That’s it.
    *Everyone else laughs*
    Person B: He was in his bag.

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