ENGL 210: Introduction to Creative Writing

Attentive Resistance Fall 2019

Second Poem (due Wednesday 09/11 by 6pm)

Write a six-line poem in which each line compares an object or action to something it in no way resembles (unalike).

Post by Wednesday at 6pm so we all have a chance to read each other’s work before class.

Here’s an example of a response to this prompt:

The last tooth fell out of the mouth girl

fell into her hair, tousled like egg water.

Every step she took was devastating symphony

each drop of moisture from her pores typographic.

Before she lost that third and favorite molar, her brows sang.

She’s relieved now like a shadow, overhearing her arching breath.

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21 thoughts on “Second Poem (due Wednesday 09/11 by 6pm)

  1. O, my little star killer
    Who would be the righteous emperor but you—wicked, devastating, you of little faith
    With your hair crowned by exploding nebulae
    And your hands as knives, swift and delicate and oh so sweet
    Come, bring down your armies upon this world, with their gentle, open hands, bearing those gifts of wars past
    Blot out the sun with your shadow
    And when there remains little more than dust, sweep me into your embrace, as warm as the yawning, screaming void.

  2. The light looks like darkness
    Loud roars are soft murmurs
    The train is a cloud
    war is peace
    Scattered thoughts are collected thoughts
    Sour hearts are sweet candy

  3. I am happily scared.
    Falling like a rock that breaks into a million pieces.
    Each piece is a puzzle of the unknown tomorrow.
    I am lost on the road with no turns.
    A road that is a blank piece of paper.
    It is the future.

  4. Read that journal like a scavenger eats dead flesh
    The words are a plague
    Each page is a burning house
    It hurts like chopping onions into pieces
    The soul is like a black hole
    Get rid of it or melt like an ice cream in the summer

  5. woke up bright and early 9 pm saturday morning,
    to the devils breathe keeping me ice cold cool.
    sat down to a nice warm drink right next to the drool.
    gotta find three more lines, NO not coke, JUST KIDDING, haha a joke.
    cant believe its not done yet, this is truly very easy.
    there you go delicious like easy peasy lemon squeezy.

  6. The worst tragedy has occurred as I sipped on my iced tea.
    Autumn hues decorate the rubble, as the hot fire causes a chill in the air.
    Black smoke fills the air like a sky full of black butterflies flying freely into my lungs.
    Indeed the worst tragedy has occurred as I ate my ham sandwich.
    Humans falling like free-falling skydivers with no parachutes.
    My icy heart cried tears of pain.

  7. Raindrops fall, tangling like ropes, drenched with enthusiasm.
    Washing away every intention.
    A cold shower in December.
    The gray face of resentment.
    Palpitations, the embrace of melancholy, and the humid touch of deceit.
    Cloudburst the gift of happiness the golden color of joy.

  8. The black smoke flew by like dirt
    pull through the ground, flying in emptiness.
    The smoke was a solid aroma
    an alluring smell feeling like impaling thorns to my skin.
    As I ran through nothingness, my eyes blinked.
    I’m hurt, like a bird singing happily I fly by.

  9. rain water, as sweet a fragrance can be, rips the air

    the clouds shroud these boondocks like years of sin

    a poor day for a tread, coffee instead?

    violence howls the windows, almost romantically

    like a patient hound, we wait and shiver

    sip the brew, for the sun will simmer

  10. Ashley Anderson’s poem:

    Darts or Pool?

    Shooting darts is a girl with a reading gene.

    Leaning away, standing up; moving around to be seen

    By the shooter. Pockets sharp like the knife thrown

    Vertically towards the board. Colorful balls like a wonderfully

    Cloudy day. The black ball is off to Mars;

    Are pool tables dart boards or marble jars?

  11. Raindrops dripping on my window pain
    Paramedics speeding down the block
    Sirens louder than the thunder
    I hope they live
    Forgot my pain for a second
    as the rain drips through the air conditioner

  12. Amusement parks, the most quietest place you can be,
    Roller Coaster make me sleepy, a cup of soda will put me to sleep.
    Libraries are more livelier than city streets,
    Signing out the last copy of a book gives me more of an adrenaline rush, rather than watching paint dry.
    Homework assignments are optional like arriving to school on time.
    Singing up for a library card is out of my budget, movie theater tickets are not.

  13. She held onto her pride like it was dust.
    Her demeanor is coffee, like her trust.
    It’s like a fridge turns on when she cries,
    She is tape when it comes to goodbyes.
    Let her be, she is as soft as air,
    Just know that she’s a box with the way she cares.

  14. She held onto her pride like it was dust,
    And her demeanor is coffee, like her trust.
    It’s like a fridge turns on when she lies,
    She is tape when it comes to goodbyes.
    Let her be, she is as soft as air,
    Just know that she’s a box with the way she cares.

  15. Fear jumps at me like excitement,
    Electrocuting me like a blade submerged in oil.
    All I smell is the wasted sweet air, feeling like a mouthful of charcoal dust.
    The broken stars lay at my feet, priceless pieces look at me like the eyes of a spider.
    I kneel, a broken dream, wasteful, turning me a dreadful crown.
    I plummet like the clouds beneath me.

  16. Her cheeks turn red like blue roses

    Cultivated and cared for by hungry pests throughout the winter

    Her hands are egg yolks, waiting to be held in your white.

    Her soft giggle is much like the construction happening across the street.

    And her eyes, like roller parks,

    Make you want to swim in them.

  17. My head spins like the way you stand still,
    eyes so wide as you are dreaming.
    So alive like when you shoot to kill,
    I’m running a marathon in my chair.
    While you give me nothing,
    there is levanter but no air.

  18. She found the light of the room so blinding as if she were in total darkness
    The intense and cold air caused her to sweat more than the kids running under the sun
    With so many questions and answers being thrown, she could’ve swore they were playing a very long game of baseball
    After a lot of yelling and screaming, she became a mouse when her father’s accident was mentioned
    Her defiant solid demeanor became like a cake and crumbled.
    She said,” M-m-m- My father…. well he was my rock” and with that statement rain clouds formed and a river of tears flooded the room.

  19. Burning through the forest
    Killing trees and scenery
    Calm, cool flowing waterfall
    Down, down, down, it goes
    Fire and water
    The two halves of the same whole

  20. His laughter is like wind chimes on a front porch
    Singing like the spring breeze
    His fingers are paint brushes
    Creating paths just like a sunset
    His lips are like butterflies
    Tickling me as if they’re poisonous

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