ENGL 210: Introduction to Creative Writing

Attentive Resistance Fall 2019

First Scene Draft (due Monday 11/25 by 6pm)

Write a scene between two or more characters. The only requirement is that there is tension between the characters in the scene (maybe one of them is lying, maybe a conflict is coming to a head, the audience becomes aware of something for the first time, etc.). In other words, your scene should be a dramatic high point within the plot not just a scene where nothing much seems to be going on. Feel free to use your monologue as inspiration or come up a completely new theme. Your scene should be between 2-3 pages in a Word document.

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17 thoughts on “First Scene Draft (due Monday 11/25 by 6pm)

  1. [Anthony enters the bedroom]
    [Josephine is weeping next to the bed]
    Anthony: Josephine, please [Anthony scoffs]. Two days too much of this crying, don’t you think?
    Josephine: Im sorry, sir. You’re right, sir. I just [She begins to weep again]
    Anthony: Oh my god. She betrayed us, she betrayed God’s rules. What would you expect to happen to her? Good things? I will grant you your 30 days to mourn, but that is all. We don’t mourn sinners. Do we?
    [Anthony kicks at Josephine]
    Anthony: I said do we?
    Josephine: [in a whisper] That’s all bull.
    Anthony: Excuse me?
    Josephine: I said it’s bull. It’s pure, utter bullshit. She was a good girl. She was kind, she was loving. She loved me, she loved you. She knew how much you didn’t love her, and she still loved you anyway.
    Anthony: And what good do you think it is to me, that she loved me?
    [Josephine gasps]
    Josephine: It’s the best gift in the world to be loved when you have given someone no reason to. How dare you! How dare
    [Josephine stands up and goes to slap Anthony]
    [Anthony catches her hand mid-air]
    [Anthony tightens grip over Josephine’s hand]
    Anthony: How dare, I, wife? Room-mate? HOW DARE I? HOW DARE YOU.
    [Anthony clears up his throat and proceeds speaking in a calm tone]
    Anthony: Remember your place. Remember your worth, or lack thereof.
    [Josephine lets her arm loose]
    Josephine: You have silenced me for 10 years. I have let you. I have submitted to you. To your lashing out, your abuse. Don’t mistake it for love. I had to do what I had to do to get by.
    Anthony: With that, remember I can steal your method of getting by right out from under you. Your daughter made me feel wretched. She had no clue what it meant to behave. To be a lady in our culture. She took after you. A woman who could never be loved, a harami. She was a burden to be around, to be the father of. I hope they don’t find her.
    [Anthony turns to leave the room]
    Josephine: You pretend to be so full of faith. You pretend to practice a religion you know nothing about. She was blood, I loved her. And for her wrongdoings Allah and I have forgiven her.
    [Anthony’s back is still to Josephine]
    Anthony: Your Allah is not mine. Go make dinner. You want to do better? Try to go and run off.
    [Anthony laughs]
    Anthony: Except where would you run off to?
    Josephine: Enough, Anthony. I get your point. I will make dinner
    Anthony: No. Go off your family. Oh, but wait. Your family that you.
    [Anthony laughs maniacally]
    Anthony: That went to America and forgot you. I wish I knew them sooner. I wish they would have told me to do the same.
    Josephine: Anthony, enough.
    Anthony: I know my Allah is true because he gave you a second chance with me. Don’t fool yourself that it gets better. You have 30 days to mourn. Then it’s enough.
    [Anthony exits]
    [Josephine throws a pillow at the door as leaves and begins crying again]

  2. (Hears glass shatter)
    Belinda: What was that noise? It must be that boy again!
    (She goes towards the window)
    Belinda: Oh my window is broken! Look at this baseball. It must be Robert you devil child will pay for this!
    Belinda: This child really finds this so funny. I will go straight to his mother.
    (Belinda walks out to the next door neighbor and knocks on the door)
    Belinda: Ms.Evergreen! Your child is a chaos. He broke my window once again and this baseball is proof of it.
    Ms. Evergreen: That is impossible dear Belinda. He was here with me eating breakfast.
    Belinda: I am so sorry Ms. Evergreen I really thought it was your child who broke my window.
    (Belinda goes back home clueless)
    Belinda: That is so strange? If it was not Robert then who was it?
    (Laughter once again and another window gets shattered)
    Belinda: I must get some surveillance cameras to get to the bottom of this nonsense.
    (She calls a technician)
    Belinda: Hello, I need two cameras installed by today please.
    (A few hours later doorbell rings)
    Belinda: Hello welcome in I need two surveillance cameras at my backyard as these kids seem to break my window all the time.
    Hugo The Technician: Hello my name is Hugo and of course ma’am I will get right at it.
    (Cameras installed after an hour)
    Hugo The Technician: Well these cameras are functioning to perfection.
    Belinda: Great thank you so much Hugo!
    Hugo The Technician: I actually used to live two houses away from here.
    Belinda: Why you moved away?
    Hugo The Technician: Well I do not want to scare you, but they say that in the house next door a ten year old child died.
    Belinda: That is terrifying! How long ago?
    Hugo The Technician: About two years ago. I would sometimes hear laughter and a bat swinging.
    Belinda: I will be alert at all times.
    Hugo The Technician: They say the kid was killed with a baseball bat in the backyard by his cousin.
    Belinda: I do not want to hear more about this. Have a great day.
    The Technician: Sorry ma’am and be safe.
    (Belinda is biting her nails)
    Belinda: What a tragedy. I have never truly believe in ghosts or any strange phenomena.
    (Doorbell rings)
    Belinda: Who can it be now?
    (Robert is at the entrance)
    Robert: Hello Ms. Belinda I swear it was not me.
    Belinda: I know your mother told me you were eating breakfast.
    Robert: Yes we were, but I know who it was.
    Belinda: You do? Then who was it?
    Robert: His name is Wilson or rather he was. His spirit is always scaring me. He is seeking out for something or someone.
    Belinda: This cannot be real? Are you sure these things do not happen?
    Robert: They do I swear this kid is real.
    Belinda: What do you know about Wilson?
    Robert: He told me that my older cousin Jeff killed him.
    Belinda: This is crazy. How come he is loose and not in prison?
    Robert: There is no evidence apparently. He tells me there is something out in the yard.
    Belinda: Then we must discover what it is.
    (End of Scene 1)

  3. A Disgrace
    By: Xiao Min Jiang (Annie)

    Characters: Ivy Kim (A freshman at Princeton University)
    Ms. Yang (Ivy’s mother)
    Kevin Kim (Ivy’s brother)

    Act 1 Scene 1:

    A small bedroom with blue-colored wallpaper, a small round window, and a wooden floor.
    Lights go on in Ivy’s room.
    Enter Ms. Yang (Ivy’s mother)

    Aggressively slaps Ivy across the face
    Ms. Yang(angrily): What in the world do you think you’re doing? What a disgrace!!

    Ivy falls on the floor crying.

    Ivy(sobbing): I was just trying to help so you wouldn’t be stressed and depressed all the time.

    Ms. Yang(screaming): I’m afraid that was very stupid for you to do. You are appearing as the ‘’idiotic young fortune teller’’ in the headlines of many newspapers! What about our family’s reputation?

    Ivy (in between tears): Get over it, mom. Forget reputation. Money can’t bring us happiness. Besides, money and reputation is all you care about.

    Ms. Yang: Oh yes it can. Remember all the promises you made me? To be a psychiatrist, earn money, and bring me all the money I can possibly have. That’s how money can bring me happiness.

    Ivy(in between tears): Let’s make a deal mom. If you let my work as a fortune teller part-time. You are not responsible for my tuition for college. I will work on campus.

    Ms. Yang (yells): How simply ridiculous young people seem to think in society today. I’m warning you, if you don’t earn at least one thousand per month from that so-called ‘’fortune-telling’’ or whatever it’s called, I’m no longer caring for you precious dog Cheri when you’re gone for college.

    Ivy: I’ve got plans for Cheri’s mom. Kevin promised me to care for her while I’m gone.

    Ms. Yang(smirks): So I won’t have to waste my life on that stupid, useless dog anymore and remember, next time you won’t be so lucky.

    Ivy gets up.

    Ivy(says with an evil grin): Wasting your life on Cheri? More like you wasted your life on dad.

    Ms. Yang(screaming): How dare you speak to me that way!!

    Ms. Yang attempts to slap Ivy. Ivy dodged out of the way.

    Ivy(yells back): Well, I’m grown. I can speak to you in any way I want!!

    Ms. Yang: You ungrateful child. You’re a complete disgrace to your Asian ancestors!! The nurse must have given me the wrong child after I delivered the baby!!

    Ivy shakes her head in disgust.

    Ivy(smirks): Well too late.

    Ms. Yang got a heart attack and faints. Ivy dials Kevin’s number.

    Ivy: Hello? Bro, this insane woman collapsed…

    Kevin: Quick! Call 911

    Ivy(still angry): You call if you care.

    Ivy sticks her tongue to Ms. Yang’s dead body on the floor.

    Ivy: Maybe I wasn’t her child after all. She always favored Kevin. I felt like in her head I never existed. (sighs deeply) I should really go before the police come. Who knows if this god-damn woman is going to live or not. It has nothing to do with me.

    Ivy walks out of the room slamming the door hard behind her and never returned…

    Scene ends

  4. [Drew enters the kitchen]
    [Joe is sitting at the table]
    Drew: How could you not tell me?
    [Joe’s expression turns flustered]
    Joe: What are you—What are you talking about?
    Drew: I was on the computer last night. You left your email open.
    [Joe places his book down down]
    Joe: You went on my email?
    Drew: Well you left it open! I didn’t even want to snoop around, but something caught my eye. How could you not tell me?
    [Joe’s face turns panicked]
    Joe: School. You saw the email confirming my acceptance. Right?
    [Drew turns around, and walks towards the window]
    Joe: Look. I was going to tell you. I just didn’t want to freak you out.
    [Drew’s eyes begin to tear up]
    Drew: Honesty. That’s the one thing that I want from this relationship. That’s all i’ve ever wanted.
    Joe: You knew I was thinking about finishing my degree in California. There’s opportunities there and-
    [Drew turns around, and quickly interrupts Joe]
    Drew: Of course I knew! You didn’t tell me that you were thinking about doing it now. I would have supported you.
    Joe: I did it on a whim. I wasn’t even expecting to get accepted.
    [Drew walks towards the table]
    Drew: I can’t believe you didn’t tell me. What about us? Are you considering this?
    Joe: Look, Drew-
    Drew: No!
    Joe: Listen-
    Drew: No. We’re in a relationship. We’re supposed to be partners.
    [Drew folds her arms]
    Drew: This is a big decision. I can’t believe I had to find about this through a computer screen. After all that’s going on-
    [Joe cuts of Drew]
    Joe: I know. I really don’t even know what drove me towards submitting the application. I screwed up. I know, but things have just felt scrambled lately. I don’t know what i’m looking for.
    Drew: Well, that can’t work. I’m here to support you. Whatever you feel is right for yourself…I want that for you. But-
    [Drew takes a moment to collect her breath]
    Drew: You can’t just drag me around. I’m fully in this relationship, and I just don’t think you are anymore. I just….I need honesty from you. If you want to go to school……I’ll support you. I mean, I’m a full-time student here.
    Joe: I want our relationship to work, but I’m just unhappy here.
    [Drew gets up, and walks towards the door]
    Drew: Well, when things become clear, let me know. I can’t keep doing this.
    [Drew opens the door, and walks out]

  5. Scene 1
    The curtains opens. Two people are seen sitting at opposite edges of a table, food is laid out in front of them yet it’s noticeable that it hadn’t been touched. The room is covered by bright ceiling light which illuminates the back of a sofa and other objects that can be found in a living room like a Tv and frame pictures. The two young adults people sit still for a minute the woman with a blanket covering most of her body is looking at the man across from her as he has his head down looking at the food.

    Rick lifts his head up and looks at the woman. His expression changes from one of deep thinking to one of fake optimism.

    Rick: OK then! Uh- since we are going to be living together for a while…I guess we should start with in- introductions?

    Scathach nods keeping her blank expression.

    Rick puts both of his hands on the table like he is about to get up before moving back on his chair.

    Rick: Uh- Hi my name is Rick Alvarez…

    And this is my house!…obviously…

    After a pause:

    I’m sorry, I- I am-nervous …I never really had anyone stay on my house before. So this is-

    Uh- strange for me.

    Scathach smiles and looks at him possibly as a way to ease things. The sounds of a snow storm can be heard.

    Scathach: That’s fine, I’ll introduce myself again. My name is Scathach.

    Rick: Uh… Scaha? Scth? Skathak? How-How do you pronounce that?

    There is a pause and Scathach sighs before speaking again.

    Scathach: Yeah…people usually never get it right….
    There is a pause

    Rick: NO NO NO, not trying to say anything, i-t it’s just like very …you know


    Uncommon that’s all…

    Scathach grabs the utensils and starts eating some of the food on the table.

    (While eating)
    Scathach: You can just call me anything.

    Rick does a thinking expression then raises his right arm partly and lifts one finger as if making a suggestion

    Rick: So…how about Skadi?

    Scathach spits some of the food almost as if it were a reflex. Scathach recoils back in embarrassed shock and begins cleaning the mess.

    (while cleaning)
    Scathach: Yeah-Yeah…it-it’s just-just that

    Pause and she regains her composure still somewhat embarrassed. The sounds of a snow storm outside can be heard being more noticeable than before.

    I mean…sure, whatever. It’s just that the guy I was living with last said the same thing…

    Rick:Oh. Cool.

    Scathachi: He was a terrible person who took advantage of others, shot people for a living and left me out in the cold to freeze to death.

    Rick: Oh….

    There is a small pause as the place goes silent, both are back to the way they were at the beginning. After a few seconds Rick lifts his head in confusion.

    (Shock and a bit worried)
    Rick:Wait! So you were with the Mafia or something!

    Scathach gets up and reaches across the table to cover Rick’s mouth, he can be seen blushing a little.

    Scathach: ssshhhhh.

    She sits back down and begins to speak without making eye contact.

    (clearly embarrassed trying to downplay the situation)
    Scathach: Well…the thing is th-that. I DIDN’T do anything in particular…but more so it was my dysfunctional family…

    There is a silence after she says that

    Rick: So they left you in the cold? Should I be worried?

    Scathach makes eye contact again and partly raises her hand and shaking them from side to side while sitting. She is somewhat worried. The storm outside is now hear raging intently.

    Scathach: No, not at all. Look I…I…need a place to stay, lay low then I will move out. I don’t think you have anything to worry about, I…might have pissed off my crazy father and he sort of forced me to like walk home in the freezing cold and…we should be fine.

    She finishes with a fake smile. Rick is now weary of her and her intentions, he put his elbow on the table and uses his hand to hold the left side of his face. There is a pause. The sound of the storm decreases severely.

    (With more of a serious tone)
    Rick: So once…he did that, instead of walking home or taking refuge anywhere else you just wandered off on your own trying to get away.

    There is a short pause

    But I think you are lying to me and instead you just wanted to be left in the cold…am I wrong?

    Scathach remains silent and stares at her food embracing the blanket tighter. There is a short pause as Rick starts thinking.

    Rick: For all I know you could be lying to me or making all of this up, but looks like the storm will be here for a couple of days. So you can’t just go outside.

    Scathach looks up as Rick gets up from his seat and get close to her. He extends his arm to her as if he is about to shake her hand. The sound of the storm is less than before but is still audible.

    Rick: I don’t need the details, but-but you are welcome to stay here for a while. I-I never had a roommate before specially a- you know …girl. So….

    Rick recoils his hand back and starts using his right hand to shake the back of his head clearly embarrassed. After a short pause Scathach gets up notisibly calmer and with a smile on her face.

    Rick: Sorry, if it’s awkward.

    Scathach and Rick shake hands as the lights begin to grow dimmer.

    Scathach: No, it’s fine. Better here than out there.

    The room lights die out and the place turns to black with the only audible thing being the sound of the storm outside as the curtains close the set. The sound of the storm dies out entirely.

  6. Character:
    A Malibu Colony. In a Victorian mansion. Live very wealthy Mille family. They have two children. She works in an accounting company and he has a dentist’s office. Today is their tenth years’ marriage Anniversary for that reason Catherine came home early to arrange a fancy dinner for her husband but he arrives home really late. Catherine is in kitchen put away the food. When she hears the vehicle drive to the driveway.
    ( speaker loudly to herself ) Well, his here. Mr. Perfect decided to come home I can’t believe that he has forgotten about today. This is three year in a row. He used to be such a romantic man.
    ( enters the kitchen) you still up. I see you had a party.
    ( grabbing a glass of red wine with an irritating voice ) You are joking right. Where have you been? It is 2 AM
    Well, I have been working. Not like you having fun drinking and partying.
    I took the effort to prepare this special dinner for our Anniversary. You don ‘t even care to show up. I call you like 100 times. Your phone had a regular signal. You never pick up. What is going on with you. Every today came home super late. You avoid me.
    ( with a series tone) Are you happy in this marriage?
    Well, we experienced some problems. We sure can work on our relationship. Becca told me about this great marriage therapist. We can go to some therapy sessions. We went through so much together.⁰
    I love you. We have two wonderful children together.
    I am seeing someone.( long pause)
    ( dropped her wine glass on the floor) you are what?
    I am having an affair I want a divorce. I try to be faithful but this is much stronger than me with Monika….
    Monika your assistant. This young girl. I know it from the beginning that there was something up with that girl. ( Catherine come closer to Joseph and slap him on the cheek) it was her short skirts or heavy makeup make you so in to her
    It was the way she looked at you.
    We are in love with each other. There is a strong connection between us.
    She is 22 years old. You are 40 years old man with gray hair. What is she seeing in you another then your money?
    She wants to build a family with me. It a fresh start for me. I want a divorce this marriage makes me depressed. You complaining all the time. I am suffering from this marriage. I have it enough.
    So you just replace the family you have for a new one. Your daughter Lily and Amy.
    They are still my daughter no matter what. I talk to my lawyer about getting full custody. It should not be a problem looking at your background.
    I will never give you my children.
    Here sight those papers. I want to have this over so I could marry Monika before our son will be born ( he exits the room )
    (get on her knees and cry out loud) what did I do to deserve this? I try to be a perfect wife

    JOSEPH ( Drive up to the driveway he sure in the car) I get to

  7. [It’s during the dead of night when Lyn comes back home. She looks at all the windows of the house to see that none of the lights are on.]

    LYN: Just in case…

    [Lyn takes out a pack of makeup wipes and takes one out. She scrubs her face until most of the makeup has come off.]

    LYN: [sighs] Okay.

    [Lyn takes out her keys and attempts to quietly get the door unlocked and opened. She walks into the house. She carefully closes the door behind her before she notices the lamp in the back of the room, far from the window. Sitting by it is her sister Milana, who is a few years younger than Lyn. Milana is fiddling with some art supplies.]

    LYN: [gasps] Milly. Uh… How come you’re still up? It’s 3 AM.

    MILANA: [blankly] I wanted to ask you something really important, so I was waiting for you to get back.
    [Milana places down the supplies and finally looks at Lyn. Her hands ball up into fists on top of the table.]

    MILANA: [bitterly] You always do this. You come home late all the time. Sometimes you don’t get back until the next morning.

    [Milana pulls out a wad of cash, a business card, and a box of condoms.]

    MILANA: And I found these in your room! What the hell is this?! The condoms are- whatever, but ‘The Garden of Eves’?

    LYN: [Taking a step back] I- I can explain…

    [Milana gets up from the table and storms towards Lyn with a finger out.]

    MILANA: So you’re just selling yourself to random people now? Mom and Dad died, and this is what you do?

    LYN: [looking visibly uncomfortable] No, you don’t understand. Listen to me-

    MILANA: I’m not going to listen to a slut! Do you enjoy degrading yourself more than taking care of your own fucking family-

    [Milana goes silent.]

    MILANA: [quietly] What?

    LYN: [sniffling] We needed to pay the bills, but no place wanted to hire me. This woman gave me her business card and promised me a job. I had no choice if we wanted to keep living here.

    LYN: … Give me a break, will you? Yeah, I sell myself, and I drink a lot to forget, but I work just as hard as blue collars or white collars to make sure we have food on the table and a roof above our heads. Some nights I don’t even get $200.

    [They both fall silent. Milana looks down, conflicted on how to feel.]

    LYN: It’s not as bad as you think. Don’t give me any of that ‘you’re a slut’ bullshit. [sighs] I… I’m sorry. I’m gonna go clean up and go to bed. Goodnight, Milly.

    [Lyn exits left, leaving Milana to stand where she is.]

  8. (Enter Raia and Iban)
    Raia: Iban, I’m tired of these arguments. You’re always jumping to conclusions and then we end up in a shouting match.
    (Clearly exhausted, Iban refrains from a response only to slouch down on the Raia’s couch)
    Raia: So now you have nothing to say? Now you want to be silent and pretend like nothing happened?
    (Iban motions to respond but notices Raia begin to weep)
    Iban: Raia… don’t. Raia this isn’t working.
    Raia: What isn’t working?
    Iban: The fighting. The crying, it’s not working. This is not working. We are not working.
    Raia: It’s been almost a year and you won’t even say that you love me. So do you? Or are you going to walk away like I was nothing to you?
    (Iban looks Raia into her eyes and refrains from a response)
    (Iban gets up from the couch and exits stage)

    (Enter Iban sitting in his apartment. Addressing the audience, he begins to read some of his letter aloud)
    Iban: What is love? Baby don’t hurt me. (lowly chuckles to himself) No more? Don’t laugh please. Let me be real for a second here. What really is love? Who can have…love? Who deserves love, and please, please be honest, do I deserve yours? Is love the passion shared with another living being? Can love be the anger and resentment I have for you? Can I return to the place in time in which I had no love for you? It angers me that I am unable to fold the page that was written in the past year, or tear it up and set it ablaze. It angers me how you try to take the image of me out of your memory. It destroys me because you can’t.

    (Iban pauses to clear his throat)

    Because you deserved better than the lowly memory you have of me in the back of your mind. The image that is burned into your memory because of some wretched concept that is considered love.

    (Iban pauses again, with a dim smile)

    What if you read about me in your favorite author’s novel, could you forget about me? If you read about my story in that novel, would you accompany me on the rest of my journey? You can’t come. Not because I don’t want you to. Trust me, that’s all I ever wanted. But you can’t continue this journey with me because I love you. Formerly yours, Iban.

  9. [Sheniece enters stage anxiously]
    [Bryan enters eagerly from the left]
    [Ahsan enters eagerly from the right]
    [Facing the one they love Sheniece is caught in the middle of this would be triangle]
    Sheniece says in a flustered and annoyed tone “Can I please have a moment to think!?”
    Bryan responds anxiously We’ve given you a whole month! You have to decide NOW!
    Ahsan sheepishly agree
    [Sheniece begins pacing back and forth between the two boys]
    Ahsan shouts “I love you”
    Bryan responds aggressively “I love you more”
    Sheniece turning hot pink exclaims “No you love the idea of me, the idea that I’m some damsel in distress, someone whose gonna be there waiting for you when you get home from work, a nice docile housewife, well that’s not me, that’s never been me, I thought it was but now I’m sure its not”
    “But Shen… were so good together, you loved watching me come home from practice, you loved feeding me, and you loved our nights together,” said Ahsan contemplating his words with careful ignorant precision.
    “Yeah Shen what the hell, you always came to our practice, and you always led us both on, your literal trash!” said Bryan with a thunderous fury immediately regretting his words
    “Babe I’m sorry, you know I get angry easily”
    “I know, but you always apologized,” said Sheniece gleefully
    Ahsan losing patience shouts “I just don’t understand where this is coming from, it’s either me or him you have to PICK NOW”
    Bryan understandingly walks towards Ahsan, “bro, we’ve been friends for years, but… we’ve never understood her. She was always trying to gain independence, even her dorming with us was a show of power. She wanted to show that she could hang with even the most douchey of guys. Turning frantic Can’t you see we were just being used! She doesn’t care about us we were just a test for her.” “She doesn’t deserve us, she doesn’t deserve anybody, she told me I was her first, and I bet she told you the same thing!
    Ahsan answers saddened by simply nodding
    Sheniece then rushes to the boys sides, and began lamenting her regrets “I’m sorry, I don’t know what I want, I thought I wanted to be with you Bryan, it was such a perfect match the lonely girl with the cute jock, and Ahsan I thought you were the perfect shy companion for me. Sternly, the truth is, I don’t think I like either of you in that way, your my friends for life, but I’m just not attracted to you in that way, I don’t feel that for anyone, or anything.

  10. Brandon’s Scene:

    Marion residents: 3 floors, backyard and front porch, with a 2 car garage. The American dream of living, yet there’s always something new to improve within these walls.

    Jamie: Kim your mother is at it again!
    Kimberly: What nonsense is she threatening us now with?
    Jamie: Same as always….
    Kimberly: The dishes?
    Jamie: No, guess again
    Kimberly: I told her I’ll go food shopping Sunday, so we have food for the upcoming week,
    Jamie: Kim, it’s not that.
    Kimberly: OMG! Jamie, what is it then? I’m really not in the mood for you or my mom’s nonsense. Spit it out already!
    Jamie: okay, okay; she’s complaining how Teddy pisses all over the house, how we need to be more attentive to him and train him to go on the wee wee pads.
    Kimberly: Omg, this again, I just heard her this morning with this crap, she’s home all day, instead of sleeping all day and “pretending to clean the house”, how about she does us the favor of helping out with him. She talks the most shit about how she hates Teddy, how she wants us to give him up, but when she’s intoxicated, she’s so in love with Teddy. How Teddy is the only one who loves her unconditionally and how he is so friendly and loving towards her.
    Jamie: You knew she was going to be like this, I warned you about Teddy, you knew we wouldn’t have as much time as we did when we were in Coney Island. Let’s just get rid of him.
    Kimberly: Jamie, he’s not a stuff animal, you touch my dog and your ass is out!
    Jamie: Kim, all I’m saying is that we are too busy now, we don’t have time to really tend to him. Just give it a thought, I love him, he’s my son too.
    Ana: Kim!
    Ana: Kimberly!
    Ana: Kimberly-Ann!
    Kimberly: Mom! I heard you the first time, I said coming on the first “Kim”!
    Ana: I’m sorry, I didn’t know if you heard me or not, how was your day sweetie?
    Kimberly: Get to point, Jamie already told me you were complaining about Ted. So just get on with it.
    Ana: Fine. Kimmy, when are you going to take Ted to obedience school?
    Kimberly: I’m not sure, Jamie and I have to be with him so he will react and control himself on commands. Jamie and I haven’t really spoke about it, we need to find out when we have time off.
    Ana: Kim, every time you have time off, you guys are always bar-hopping or on a cruise. It’s been almost 2 years since you have been back here; my patience is running then, that mutt is pissing everywhere around my house. It smells like a public restroom here, figure the shit out, I’m not playing anymore.

  11. Kristen’s scene:


    Three tipsy/drunk college students (Madison, Samantha, and Danny) shuffle into a small elevator in one of the dorm buildings on campus, wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and Santa hats. They just left a frat party and are on their way to another. There are already two other teens (Jack, Angelica) in the elevator.

    Madison, 20, links arms with her friend Samantha, 19, who is noticeably very drunk, stumbling everywhere.

    Come on Sam, you have to pull it together. You don’t want to show up to the D Chi party like this.

    I’m fiiinnneee.

    Samantha takes a sip from the Malibu bottle she’s holding before Danny, 19, snatches it out of her hand.

    I think that’s enough for tonight.

    Dannnnnyyy! I wasn’t finished.

    Yo, is she okay?

    Yeah man, don’t worry. She just had a little too much earlier but we got her, it’s fine.

    LOUD SCREECH, followed by a BANG

    The elevator comes to a sudden stop, jerking everyone in it. There’s a moment of tense, frightened silence as the teens look around the elevator and at each other.

    Dialogue becomes fast-paced and panicky.

    What was that?

    Tell me we’re not stuck.

    Guys relax, we’re fine.

    Danny begins to aggressively push on the elevator buttons.

    I don’t know guys, we’re not moving.

    Madison is noticeably shaken up. She seems sweaty and shakey like she’s on the verge of a panic attack.

    Oh my God! We’re stuck!

    Madison, chill ou-

    Madison cuts Danny off as she yells and begins banging on the elevator door.

    (yelling at the top of her lungs)

    Let’s just call the cops.

    Angelica dials 911, but the call won’t connect.

    I don’t have any service!

    (distressed and defeated)
    Oh my God!


    Suddenly, Samantha throws up in the corner. She grips the railing as she heaves.

    (noticeably disgusted)
    Aw, man. Gross.

    Everyone takes a few steps away from the ill girl who’s making a mess in the already cramped elevator. Samantha stands up, her hair a mess and skin frighteningly pale, almost a gray or green color.

    (dizzily, slurring, not making much sense)
    You guysss, I’m fii-

    Samantha cuts short and her eyes begin to flutter; she’s extremely dizzy. She grabs the railing as she slumps into Danny, looking like she’s about to pass out.

    Oh my God, oh my God.

    Dude, she has alcohol poisoning.

    It’s fine, I got it, man.

    We need to get out of here, now.

    Oh my God, I have to pee!

    It’sss hot in here, guysss.

    Jack breaks everyone’s attention as he shouts with his phone in the air.

    I got service! I’m calling the cops.


    Jack’s on his phone for a few minutes as everyone else tends to Samantha who is in a visibly bad state.

    We’ll be out soon! The cops are on their way.

  12. Isatou’s scene:

    Isatou Jaiteh
    English 210W
    Professor Cornetta
    Scene #1
    {Sandra walks into the shop and inside he finds an old lady sitting in a wooden rocking chair looking up at the ceiling}
    Sandra: Umm… Hello is this the location where I can meet Mrs. Wiggins?
    {The old woman stares at Sandra without any expression on her face}
    Mrs. Wiggins: You’re looking right at her
    Sandra: Oh hi! Nice to finally see you in person. I’m the young woman that called last week about wanting to have a reading done.
    Mrs. Wiggins: This should be really interesting. {Looks into appointment book} Hmm can I have your full name?
    Sandra: O-oh yes of course, sorry about that. My name is Sandra Cooper.
    Mrs. Wiggins: Okay great! Let’s walk into the next room on your left.
    {As Sandra walks in she notices a huge table with a rocking chair like the one before and on the other side there was a small stool}
    Mrs. Wiggins: Have a seat on the stool and hold your hands out
    Sandra: {Holds out hands shakily} I apologize, I’m just so nervous and I don’t know why.
    Mrs. Wiggins: You should be. {Looks into Sandra’s eyes deeply}
    Sandra: E-e-excuse me?
    Mrs. Wiggins: You and I both know why you came here today Sandra. There’s no point in trying to deny it.
    Sandra: I don’t know what you’re talking about ma’am you must be mistaken.
    Mrs. Wiggins: Listen… I’ve been doing this for years, and I don’t condone liars. You think you can come in here and pretend to be all innocent. You have a dirty past and I don’t know how the Americans let you get away with-
    Sandra: SHUT UP! {Slams both fists on the desk} LISTEN TO ME YOU OLD BAG OF BONES! I didn’t come here to be harassed by you; I came so you could tell me about my damn future not the past.
    Mrs. Wiggins: Ma’am if you don’t calm down right now, I’m going to call the police this instant.
    Sandra: {Takes deep breath and closes eyes} Alright I will behave myself
    Mrs. Wiggins: Okay. In order to see the future, I must understand the past so if you won’t talk I will, and we’ll just see how accurate I am. First of all, you weren’t born with the name Sandra Cooper. Your real name is Ariel Smith. And you aren’t from this country, you actually ran here when you-
    Sandra: You must be mistaken ma’am; I have lived here all my-
    Mrs. Wiggins: Interrupt me one more time and I’m going to kick you out of here!
    Sandra: {Rolls eyes} Okay. It won’t happen again.
    Mrs. Wiggins: Anyways, you’re originally from Chicago and you had a relatively normal life well until you did what you did.
    {Sandra grows nervous and start shaking her leg so hard that the stool nearly tipped over}
    Mrs. Wiggins: Yes, you are the infamous woman who was able to get away with murder. You killed your husband and got the police to lock up an innocent man instead of yourself.
    Sandra: W-w-w-What? How? I don’t understand, how is this possible?
    Mrs. Wiggins: I told you, I’m good at my job and you know everything I just said is true so don’t even lie and try to deny it
    Sandra: Well there’s one detail that you missed. {Smiles evilly and laughs}
    Mrs. Wiggins: And what’s that?
    Sandra: If I could get away with murder once I can surely do it again! {Jumps over the table and attempts to strangle Mrs. Wiggins}
    {7 FBI agents bust through the door and pin Sandra on the table.}
    Mrs. Wiggins: Not to add attempted murder to an ex- police chief {smirks}
    Mrs. Wiggins: {Shrugs} It’s not my fault you didn’t notice the ongoing phone call and tape recorder on the table. Americans are so dumb; I can’t believe they let this monster run loose
    End of Scene

  13. Ashley’s scene:

    Scene 1 draft
    A dark room with a very dim light lighting a young teenaged girl, almost 20 years old, as she walks into the room. The room isn’t small, but it’s not very big either and some outlines are visible where the dim light shines. She looks to her right and left to find something, a light switch. When the switch is turned on the whole stage is seen. There is a pool table that has seen better days, a table in the middle of the room with chairs around it, and a dart board to the left of the door, near the table. To the left of the door, stands a large bookcase with books on the first 3 shelves and board games on the bottom shelves. The girl, SERENA, is seen in better light. She has strawberry blonde hair with red tips and slightly sunburnt shoulders and are visible under her curt-off shirt. After her five males walk into, what the audience now sees, a basement/ garage type of “hangout” place. All the males are noticeably taller than her but vary in their ages. CHRIS, WILL, MAX are talking about a car, a Jeep and the last two who walk into the room, JACOB and HAL are silent. Serena immediately goes to play darts; the boys flock to the pool table and the tallest, JACOB, strolls over to Serena.

    JACOB: I didn’t know you play darts.

    SERENA: Normally no, but my dad taught me. I’m not great but it’s better than pool with them.

    She nods over to where the other four boys are by the pool table arguing between themselves.

    JACOB: (Playfully.) We’re not all great at pool. Max may not be able to even hit the ball.

    Jacob uses his phone to play some music after retrieving it from his pocket. A mix of Rock, Alternative, Country, and Rap are playing throughout the rest of the scene in the background.


    Jacob smirks while Serena looks anywhere but at Jacob turning redder than the sunburn on her shoulders.

    JACOB: As you should. (Turning back to face the dart board on Serena’s right.) Wanna to play a game? The first person to get a bullseye or near it wins. It’ll be fun.

    Serena: (Interested but playfully scowling at Jacob. She sighs but nods her head in affirmation.) Sure. But only if we can all play a different game after.

    JACOB: (Eagerly.) What game?

    SERENA: (Smirk mirroring Jacob earlier.) You’ll see. (She says slightly louder to the guys by the pool table.) You guys too.

    WILL: (feigning being scared.) oh no. What game is it, Truth or Dare? (Losing interest in Serena and Jacob, he turns back to Chris who has been working on the stuck machine.) Chris would ‘ya please get the damn balls on the table so we can play already. Laurie said to have Serena home by twelve forty-five and it’s ten now.

    SERENA: (Sarcastically.) That’s the game.

    CHRIS: (Frustrated.) I’m- almost there. (A beat.) GOT IT!

    Will: GOOD JOB BOB THE BUILDER! YOU FIXED IT! Now let’s play. Hal and Jacob, you’re playing next.

    As Will and Chris start playing a game of pool. Max wonders over to join Hal sitting at the table watching Jacob move closer to Serena as they play darts. Serena is winning.

    HAL: (Muttering under his breath.) It’s not fair. She should be with me, not him. I knew her longer.

    Max: (whispering to Hal.) You do know she’s not with him right. She’s not with anyone.

    HAL: (Blushing, looking around worriedly.) Yeah. I knew that. Did anyone else hear that?

    MAX: Ye-

    SERENA: (Shouting and dancing happily.) I WON.

    JACOB: (Warm smile only noticed by Max.) You got lucky. But let’s get Truth or Dare over with. I go next in pool.

    Serena: (Beaming.) Alright. Since you lost, Jacob, do… you have a type? (Not meeting his gaze.)

    Jacob: (No hesitation.) Short, brunette, and nerdy. (He gives her a Cheshire looking grin.) Although the brunette isn’t always true.

    Max: Same for me and apparently Hal over here. (pointing at Hal who is furious, and everyone is in disbelief.)

    Serena: (Whispering.) Oh fuck! (She backs towards the door slowly as realization sets in, observing everyone. She bolts from the room when she hits the door frame.)

  14. [The sound of keys echoes. Mallory finally succeeds in opening the door to her house. She enters quietly.]

    [Her mom- Mrs. Dupont- approaches her with rushed steps.]

    Mallory: Mom I’m home how-

    [Mrs. Dupont slaps her with all her strength. Mallory falls to the ground.]

    Mrs. Dupont: How dare you?!?!?! How dare you call me mom?! Do you know what time it is?! When will you grow up?! If you were less immature and incompetent I wouldn’t be living in this hell.

    Mallory: I-I- there was a school project I had to finish.


    [Mallory gains the strength to pick herself up]

    Mallory: Why do you despise me? What did I do for you to treat me this way?


    Mallory: You know what… I tried. I tried to stay with you, you are my mother after all, but now I understand why they left you. I should’ve done the same. I should’ve followed my sister and brother the day they ran away. I stayed thinking you could change but, you’re still the same obsessive lunatic. You put yourself in that hell you speak of. STOP BLAMING IT ON OTHERS.

    [Mallory grabs her schoolbag and rushes out the door without looking back.]

    Mrs. Dupont [running after her]: NO, I’M SORRY. DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE. YOU ARE ALL I HAVE.

    [Mallory continues to run without direction]

  15. [The story so far is a young woman named Erica ran away from her aristocratic father. She hired some pirates to take her somewhere but was tricked by the pirates who actually planned to pawn her off. She was rescued by another pirate crew who’s been hired by her father to take her home.
    The captain of the crew that saved her is HOWLER. In order to be taken seriously as a captain and uphold her reputation, she’s disguised as a man. Stage set as a partial ship, getting a view of the deck, the border of the ship showing farthest from the audience. The sound of soft waves plays with subtle gentle music. The lighting is mostly dark with a blue hue indicating it is night.
    ERICA is found at the side of the ship, on top of the fenced edge. She stands on top of it with a hand reaching out sideways to hold onto the chain. She’s silent.
    HOWLER Walks onto the stage from stage right. She stops as she spots the woman at the edge of the ship.]
    HOWLER: [Pauses] You’re not going to jump are you?
    ERICA: [Turns head to look at her over her shoulder. She then looks back out into the ocean.] I might as well.
    HOWLER: Isn’t that a bit dramatic?
    ERICA: [Turns her head to look at him again then scoffs.] Figures.
    HOWLER: Pardon?
    ERICA: One would of thought you would understand.
    HOWLER: What?
    ERICA: The importance of freedom. I’d expect you to understand as a pirate. [Looks over at him] But I guess you don’t understand as a man.
    HOWLER: [Pauses. Looks over at the audience. Then looks back at her] That’s ridiculous.
    ERICA: What’s ridiculous is your ignorance.
    HOWLER: Maybe what’s ridiculous is your ignorance ma’am.
    ERICA: Excuse me?
    HOWLER: Forgive me if I’m being rude but… You’re saying a life of fabulous wealth and luxury is worse than DEATH. You’ll never have to work hard in a day in your life! Everything you would ever need is right there!
    ERICA: [laughs bitterly] That’s not my wealth. It’s my father’s. As am I. I’m simply a piece of property he’ll eventually trade off for more power and connections.
    [There’s a moment of charged silence as they stare at each other.]
    ERICA: [Looks on back ahead. You’ll never understand as a man. I am simply to be given to a stranger as a wife. I’ll sit around, look pretty, and bear children.
    HOWLER: [Left speechless for a moment, then she sighs as she moves to sit next to the other.] I guess I would be lying if I said I didn’t understand that. It’s tragic to be any person’s but your own… But it’s dangerous out there.
    ERICA: [She looks at the other before taking a seat.]
    HOWLER: [Looks at her.] What were you going to do out there?
    ERICA: Have you heard the legend of the one who grants power to maidens who offer themselves to her?
    HOWLER: No… You don’t mean…
    ERICA: If I could… I could get true freedom from her!
    HOWLER: You mean the tale of the bermuda witch.
    ERICA: Yes-
    HOWLER: Are you mad?! There’s a reason she’s called WITCH. Not fairy, not goddess, WITCH.
    ERICA: That’s because it’s from the man’s perspective. Calling her a witch would probably be false.
    HOWLER: That whole tale could be FALSE.
    ERICA: …
    HOWLER: Not to mention extremely dangerous to follow!
    ERICA: I know…
    HOWLER:… Then why risk it?
    ERICA:… Because… It’s a chance.

  16. Elizabeth’s scene:

    Scene 1:
    The aroma of spices and fresh baked non fill the atmosphere and is carried through the
    entire palace by the weakened levanter carried from the desert. It is evening, just about
    time for tea and sweets. A woman is relaxing from the summer heat on a beautiful
    tapchan (a low table). Beside her is her soon to be husband and king.
    Servant: My grace, would you like some hot water for your chefir?
    Feride: No thank you, I enjoy my tea very dark as it is good for the soul.
    [Ismail gives out a manly laugh]
    Ismail: My lovely bride has many silly ideas of how things should be . I will have some
    hot water!
    [Feride lowers her head and gives a sly smile as she picks up a Turkish delight for her
    Feride: Perhaps you ought to listen to me more my love, the fortune teller read it herself
    in my tea leaves hat my soul is aligned.
    [The servant fulfills her duties and quietly steps out of the room]
    [The couple sits together for the rest of the night before separating to their own
    [It is the middle of the night and the curtain’s are blowing into Feride’s bedroom]
    (She quickly sits up from her bed)
    Feride: Who is there?
    [The wind blows stronger]
    Unknown Figure: I know your secret My Grace. My apologies on disturbing your
    [Feride pulls out a steel knife from beneath her pillow pointing it aimlessly into the
    Feride: You must leave now! I am the future queen of this empire how dare you invade
    my quarters?
    Unknown Figure: Don’t worry my grace, I am not here to hurt you or your kin.
    Feride: (confused) What kin? I have no family. Leave!
    [The unknown figure steps out from the shadows and is revealed to be the young
    Servant: I would like to help you and the bastard child that you carry. But you must help
    me too.
    [Feride immediately knew what she was talking about]
    Servant: The king would not be happy to figure out that the child is not his. I can make
    sure no one will ever find out.
    [She rolls up her sleeve to reveal the mark of a Gypsy]
    (Feride knows she had to fear this woman)
    Feride: Everyone knows not to trust a Gypsy, you’re not here to help me. What do you
    Gypsy: In exchange for your secret to be kept forever, you will keep me beside you as
    your trusted Hand when you marry the prince. No living soul will find out of the child or
    your true lover.
    [Feride begins weeping as she knows she has no choice but to comply with her]
    Feride: I will do as you please. You must swear not to tell anyone.
    [Gypsy gives almost a sympathetic smile]
    Gypsy: I will not as long as you keep your end of the bargain. Sleep now my Grace. We
    will speak again soon.
    [Feride cannot fall back asleep for the rest of the night]
    (End of scene one)

  17. [Scene: post battleground. People lie on the ground, dead, wearing Viking armor. Weapons are scattered about.]

    Enter WITCH—a woman with long, scraggly hair. Her dress is purple, with golden strands woven within the fabric. She holds a drop spindle. She inspects the bodies, maybe picking up a leg and then letting it drop with a thud or measuring the dead men against her own body. She lets out hms and sighs. Finally, she is satisfied with one of the bodies and lets go of her drop spindle. She pulls out a knife for skinning animals.

    WITCH: This should do nicely. Maybe a little roomy. (goes to disrobe the dead man)

    Enter VALKYRIE—a woman dressed in armor, her hair done in braids. She carries a sword. She is imposing, tall.

    VALKYRIE: What are you doing?

    WITCH: (hands on the dead man’s pants) What does it look like I’m doing?

    VALKYRIE: (disgusted) I’d rather not say.

    WITCH: (shrugs) Not my problem. (continues)

    VALKYRIE: (alarmed) Hey, hey, hey! (lunges forwards) Don’t do that!

    WITCH: Why not? (swirls knife) The legs aren’t going to skin themselves.

    VALKYRIE: (many expressions pass on her face, the full stages of grief, ending with acceptable. She sighs and gestures with her sword.) Why are you going to skin his legs?

    WITCH: (Dryly) Mama needs a pair of necropants.

    VALKYRIE: (unhappy and outraged) You desecrate the bodies of the noble dead.

    WITCH: (scoffs) Noble dead? Look around you. (Gestures to the dead men.) All these men lived and died for their jarls. They went to war to make other men rich and look what that has gotten them. (paces the length of the stage. She picks up her distaff and pounds it against the ground) And now you, the chooser of the noble dead (snears) come to bring them up to Valhalla.
    (WITCH pauses, in the middle of the stage. Spotlight down on her.)
    What do these men get for dying in noble, good ways? (She pauses, as if waiting for an answer. When the Valkyrie goes to speak, she cuts her off.) They get to go with you and live another day, fight another day, die another day. This time, the men they are fighting for are not simply rich! They are Gods! (She is so angry she shakes, all but frothing at the mouth.) You tell me I am desecrating their bodies, but is it not worse to bring them to a place where they will be killed over and over and over, only to be made whole again?
    VALKYRIE: (visibly uncomfortable) Witch, you do not know what you speak.

    WITCH: (scoffing) I am a witch. I know everything. (she squats, again letting go of the distaff. She places a hand on the dead man’s boot.) (Quietly) I knew him. I knew his family. Their whole family came together to build my brother a boat fitting for his funeral.

    VALKYRIE: (as still as a statue) (silent)

    WITCH: Do not take him up into a world I cannot reach. Do not force him to wage wars eternal against all the beasts Odin called enemy. (voice breaking) Do not let Onfim be desecrated that way.

    VALKYRIE: (lets go of sword. It clatters on the stage) (She places a hand on the witch’s shoulder. It is not pushed away.) As you wish.

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