ENGL 210: Introduction to Creative Writing

Attentive Resistance Fall 2019

First Poem (due Monday 09/02 by 12pm)

For Monday, write a 6 – line poem in which each line compares an object or action to something it resembles (alike). Think of a theme or just see where your imagination goes. Simile (X is like Y) or metaphor (Z is Q) are some poetic devices you might use, but you’re welcome to use any other approaches to show or suggest comparison.
Post by Monday at 12pm so we all have a chance to read each other’s work before class.
Here’s an example of a response to this prompt:

A small earthquake is more of a sneeze

when people are dutiful bugs, half-willfully,

an ant or bee, they’re more like an anthem

than a song is to a breeze.

Thankfully, webs of time invite a spider’s neglect

when the buildings shake like trees.

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22 thoughts on “First Poem (due Monday 09/02 by 12pm)

  1. Ashley Anderson

    English 210W

    Professor Cornetta



    The buzzing of a mosquito I hear,

    is a fan turned on at low speed.

    The flames of the fire I stare at are redder than my blushing cheeks.

    With the scent of the burning wood in my nose,

    I’m reminded of him and his cologne.

    And, like a deer in headlights, I’m stuck sitting as he stands to tower over me.

  2. Revulsion is a bit like eroticism
    Bodies twist and sway like the subway train
    Where the cart is like the waiting room to a doctor’s office
    The sound of every cough and groan sharp as a knife
    When the knife slides across a whetstone as dancers across the floor
    How the ballerina’s swollen ankles and bloodied shoes and pains are all the world’s desires.

  3. Autumn leaves fall
    Full of laughter
    College is a cocoon full of dreams
    Use your imagination
    Your dreams
    And paint a beautiful butterfly

  4. The pen, a silent stand

    A call for help — a call for change

    Has once been dreamed

    So rest your hand my friend

    And transcend the page

    For you will be the one who screamed

  5. Wildfire is anger

    Disease spreads like fire, uncontrollable

    Humans or animals, rage is water

    Vital as sunlight is to plants, like pain is vital to learning.

    Compass doesn’t choose the way unlike the mind,

    direct the wildfire like gulf balls directed at their target.

  6. Negative thoughts are like poison for the mind

    Overthinking and worrying, two toxins combined

    Anxiety suffocates and holds you down

    Happiness is lost in space, no where to be found

    Depression is like a dark cloud that never leaves the sky

    Blocking any sunlight, sucking your happiness dry

  7. Seasons leap like a leopard
    Warm air begins to feel like an icebox
    Dreams are motivation
    Art is transportation
    I gather dreams like a child
    When my mind glows like a jack o’lantern

  8. Jonathan Rios
    English 210W

    Loud indeed
    It is like a rooster crowing in the morning
    Like the sirens screaming and urging to help others
    A burst of tears and joy
    The sun is rising bright
    The alarm has awoken you.

  9. When you paint, it’s almost as if

    You solve a mystery

    With each detail you reveal, the path comes clearer

    Your perspective might change with each stroke

    You think you know how this might ends,

    But will you be truly satisfied with your answer?

  10. Autumn, Thanatos to leaves
    Which crunch like broken glass under our feet.
    The air reminds of a cold honey crisp apple
    Until the rain whispers in my ear.
    We wear our sweaters like warm hugs
    And ignite a warm fireplace inside with a cup of hot coffee.

  11. The clocks hands move resonating an echoing tick.
    Tick tick tick like a woodpecker on a tree,
    impatience lingers buzzing through the air like bumblebees.
    Complaints and tired murmurs flowing like a breeze.
    The line refusing to move, persisting in its place, like an annoying lingering sneeze.
    Waiting on line will never be as easy as it seems, beware the curse, as time will freeze.

  12. Black smoke rings like a release of a cigar

    by the same mouth that is turning a blind eye.

    Time flies like a toucan escaping,

    ancient trees give out their dewy cry.

    Ignite like a match for a candle

    indigenous tribes say goodbye.

  13. My heart’s like a magnet,
    And yours is as pure as gold,
    Your company’s like a different planet,
    Your mind is Pluto but more cold,
    You see me like a blind man and I cant stand it,
    Im like an alcoholic that’s addicted to the sip of your soul.

  14. Change, much like the four seasons
    Cold as the winter breeze
    Blossom like a daisy in spring
    Bright like the summer sun
    Wither away like autumn leaves
    All different but very much needed

  15. The Pitchers mound, the walk to it may seem small,
    But the work for it, is by far a journey.
    Magician’s on the field, hiding the ball from the batter.
    Rarely giving one to the batter as they slaver like dogs.
    We are here to control the running game,
    One pitch at a time.

  16. The whispers floating around the room are like a strong gust of wind
    Chairs being moved as if they are dancers in a club
    Professors using the chalk as if it isn’t the same as a car screeching in the classroom
    The clock continues to tick like a bomb, telling us that time will soon be up
    Like a messenger, the bell finally rings and tells everyone that they’re free
    But before leaving, the students crack a smile at the teacher as if they have crescents for lips.

  17. Michelle Yip’s poem:

    You wade through the shadows in the forest until you see her

    Sitting there at the lake shining like the moon.

    You’re a broken record player, playing lies to yourself

    Because although her hands are ice on your cheeks

    She is familiar to you; she is home,

    Even as she drags you down into despair, as a siren does.

  18. Sitting and writing feels like sleeping and snoring.
    A small thought becomes a large bubble.
    Reading and learning, ordering and eating.
    Google doc, tick tock ticking clock
    Poetry is hard, like flying a plane through a cloud.
    This is the end, pullover stop.

  19. Loving someone,

    As painful as breaking a bone or as painless as riding a bike.

    Yet, the broken bone will heal.

    And one day you’ll come home with a scrape on your knee because of that darn bike.

    Loving someone…loving someone.

    As simple as mending a scrape, as complicated as healing a fracture.

  20. A true friend is like winning a lottery ticket.
    Millions are sold but just one is a jackpot.
    It is the golden key to a life adventure.
    It is the force that makes you stronger.
    It the voice you hear in darkness moments
    Are you the lottery winner?

  21. Ashley Anderson

    English 270W

    Professor Cornetta



    The buzzing of a mosquito I hear,

    is a fan turned on at low speed.

    The flames of the fire I stare at are redder than my blushing cheeks.

    With the scent of the burning wood in my nose,

    I’m reminded of him and his cologne.

    And, like a deer in headlights, I’m stuck sitting as he stands to tower over me.

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