ENGL 210: Introduction to Creative Writing

Attentive Resistance Fall 2019

First drama assignment (due by 6pm on Wednesday 11/20)

Write a one-page monologue (a speech by one character, often used to reveal something about themselves). Explain the characters and setting as we saw in the examples in class (Waiting for Godot and A Raisin in the Sun). It can be as sparse or as detailed and directed as you want. Feel free to give stage directions in parentheses, too, if you’d like to emphasize what the character is doing or feeling. Think about how to take the most advantage of the performance aspect of drama. In other words, why is it important that your monologue is drama as opposed to poetry, fiction, or even film or TV? What will make it come to life on the stage?

Post here on the blog by Wednesday 11/20 at 6pm.


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18 thoughts on “First drama assignment (due by 6pm on Wednesday 11/20)

  1. (In Hell. Single spotlight from above. Fog machine.)
    TIMOFEY: (looking up, into spotlight) Hm. I will admit, I should have probably seen this coming. But really, what I want to know is why exactly I am in Hell. There are a few reasons, maybe. (holds up hands) Just maybe. Sure, I gave an offering at an altar once that wasn’t yours. But it was in a sketchy little witch shop in Brooklyn. So it evens out I think. Maybe I used your name too much but, jeez, did you see what the President was doing? Anyone else? And I might not have kept Sunday very holy, but it’s capitalism to blame for that. I didn’t exactly honor my mother and my father, but really, who does? Sort of hard to honor them if they’re never even around. I never cheated on anyone, so that’s fine. Am I in Hell because I’m bisexual? Because I don’t think that would be fair at all. Again, have you seen what other people have been doing? Just because I had a few boyfriends—(shakes head) Um, okay, more sins. I did lie. A bunch. A lot, really. Who doesn’t? What am I going to say when my boss asks me how I am? Oh, hi Cheryl, I’m doing very bad. This whole opening shift thing is not for me. And, again, if I’m in Hell, where is everyone else! (shoulders slump, sits down) …I wasn’t that bad, was I? I mean, I really tried. I tried to be good. Tried to earn good grades and get a good job and support my mom and dad. But it’s hard. It was hard. All my life I did things for other people and now, after everything, there is nothing for me, not even after death. (lies down, the spotlight dims) I wanted to be more, do more, see more. But I didn’t know I was running out of time. I didn’t know.

  2. Enter Alice, a girl with orange-brown hair wearing a K-pop stage outfit with an expression of confidence on her small, petite face.

    Alice: First, I would like to express kind words of gratitude to my parents for raising me and supporting me to this day. (gestures towards her parents in the crowd) The second thank you is dedicated to my fans who always stood by my side no matter what happens. The last but not least, I would like to say that I’m grateful for your existence in my life. (cries) Wherever you are and whether if you’re thinking of me, thank you for giving me a role in your life and giving me a chance to be myself again. This song “Eternal Heart” is dedicated to all of you beautiful people. (sings) The cold wind blows and the cherry blossoms fall. It’s you in the spring. You in the winter. You all year round. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. You are here but your soul isn’t. So I stood there searching. Searching… (pauses the recorder)

    Scene ends

  3. Iban: What is love? Baby don’t hurt me. (lowly chuckles to himself) No more? Don’t laugh please. Let me be real for a second here. What really is love? Who can have…love? Who deserves love, and please, please be honest, do I deserve yours? Is love the passion shared with another living being. Can love be the anger and resentment I have for you? Can I return to the place in time in which I had no love for you? It angers me that I am unable to fold the page that was written in the past year, or tear it up and set it ablaze. It angers me how you try to take the image of me out of your memory. It destroys me because you can’t.

    (Iban pauses to clear his throat)

    Because you deserved better than the lowly memory you have of me in the back of your mind. The image that is burned into your memory because of some wretched concept that is considered love.

    (Iban pauses again, with a dim smile)

    What if you read about me in your favorite author’s novel, could you forget about me? If you read about my story in that novel, would you accompany me on the rest of my journey? You can’t come. Not because I don’t want you to. Trust me, that’s all I ever wanted. But you can’t continue this journey with me because I love you.

  4. (In a forest covered by thick mist. Fog Machine. 2 people come out of the forest and begin slowly walking away from it. Prob trees)

    (Enter Amy a young adult female in casual clothing looking towards the ground with a nervous expression on her face. He is accompanied by another young adult name Arthur who is wearing light knight armor and a hood instead of a helmet)

    Arthur: Don’t be afraid, I swore I was going to be your sword right? We will vanquish the other 7 groups and then obtain the holy grail. I swear it on my honor.

    (Arthur pauses to smile as he looks at her, she stops looking at the ground and at him. Arthur then continues)

    I guess it’s best if you get to know your ally, right? You probably know the story, pulled the sword from the stone and became king…but you probably don’t know what happened after. I did my best to be the perfect king, formed an organization to police the country, got engaged to a lovely woman in the name of keeping peace and ruled as the ideal king, wise, neutral, strong and…distant.

    (Arthur looks at the sky and stops walking, Amy does the same)

    I wasn’t enough, I gave my life, my happiness and my future to the sword. When I pulled it out, I told my mentor “I saw many people smiling in my dreams, this means this path can’t be the wrong one.” I-I…have no hatred, just sadness for how things ended. But now the holy grail has called me once again with the promise of my dreams being able to be turned into reality, I seek the grail not for myself, no matter from where or when do our enemies come from I must fight.

    (Arthur extends his right hand to Amy)

    If you choose to continue, I promise I will be your sword and shield. I will follow you and help us win the grail to fulfill our wishes, I ask you this. Will you place your faith in me?

  5. Seth: (He is leaving a voicemail message and has a strong tone)

    I swear if you do not leave me alone at this moment I might just hurt you!
    (Takes deep breathe and holds his fists tight)
    What is pain you ask? Darling I promise you that you do not want to find out.
    An erupted volcano has built up deep within my very heart and soul. See things could have ended in peace and harmony , but no you wanted to mess around with me I see.
    Why did you not break up with me earlier? This suffering was not necessary.
    Instead you lied to me and that is unforgivable. I will assure that you live miserable you disgraceful human. To think for a second you were flawless oh was I completely wrong!
    How did I not realize the wickedness in that deceptive smile of yours.
    You destroyed my emotions and beat me at your manipulative games.
    Now distance yourself from my sight. Do not call or beg for any forgiveness because mercy is the last thing crossing my mind. My hands shiver and my temper only grows as time passes.
    (Yells at the phone speaker)
    I hope you are never happy. Hearing you cry will suffice in having the pleasure to witness your disgrace. Maybe then you will understand the true meaning of pain!

    (Seth throws the cellphone viciously towards the pavement breaking the screen)

  6. Ashley’s Monologue:

    Tiny pillow

    A door closes and woman, Laurie, enters from stage left. Muffled footsteps going upstairs are heard in the background; it’s her husband. They just got back from their second ultrasound and learned that their baby is a girl. She’s carrying a small pillow with a pillowcase with letters on blocks. Laurie now stands in the middle of the living room looking around at the couch and books on bookshelves.

    Laurie: (looking at one specific book, possibly a photo album) Maybe baby will be a writer. Or a dancer. She could be an actor or an archaeologist. Maybe she’ll be a historian or a history teacher. (Putting the book down she walks over to the bookcases again and takes off another book.) She could be an English teacher or a photographer. Maybe she’ll be an astronomer or biologist or astronaut or librarian. Baby will do amazing things. One day she’ll have her own family and her own baby. Or babies. Maybe she’ll have twins like Rachel. I read her Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” yesterday and she’s definitely a Tolkien fan, explains why she kicks whenever I start reading. I want her to look like me but with her dad’s personality, her aunt’s sense of humor, and her grandfather’s determination. I love her with everything and I can’t wait until she’s here. (She cries tears of joy while hugging the pillow as the curtain falls.)

  7. (Sarah, Throwing an empty coffee-box into the garbage)

    I mean really, what type of person just puts an empty box back into the cabinet! Everyday is the same! Am I the only person who has respect for others in this apartment? (Looks at clock) Great! First I wake up late, and now I can’t have coffee. This would happen! (In a dramatic voice, Sarah mutters) Guess I really did wake up on the wrong side of the bed today, huh?

  8. (The stage is dark for a moment, before it lights up with a normal yellow hue. There are no stage props, no characters, no signs of a setting or time. If the audience is in a balcony, they may be able to spot the taped x marks on the floor.
    Enter CALEB. A gruff looking man who is in his mid-to-late 40’s. He’s dressed like a cowboy, and has black and silver scruff on his face. In his hand he holds a dark brown bottle that is missing a label, alluding to being alcohol. When he walks, the drink swings slightly at his side.
    CALEB walks across the stage from stage left, facing the direction he walks until stopping midway. He pauses then turns, holding a hand over his forehead as he looks at the audience. Caleb sighed, shaking his head gently before turning to walk to the front of the stage.)
    CALEB (Slightly southern accent): I swear, there’s a whole lot of you.
    (CALEB moves to the edge of the stage and takes a seat, legs swings over edge of the stage. He looks up at the audience and takes a swig from his bottle before placing it on the stage between his legs.)
    CALEB: Alright, before we get started, let’s have a heart to heart. What you are about to witness today is no fairy tale. There is no greater message that is supposed to be taken here, so don’t bother looking for one. What you’re about to see is simply a snippet of life. (Gestures to stage behind him) Those who you see walk across these floors are not just characters, but people. We are not heroes, nor villains, just honest folks who make honest mistakes. Do not patronize us.
    (He pauses with a sigh, taking the bottle into his hands and looking at it before moving it to the floor next to him.)
    CALEB: We are People. People with our own culture, our own moral… Our own families. Do not simply overlook that. We are one of you, remember that tonight folks. We aren’t here to teach you something, but maybe you’ll feel something on our behalf. And if that’s what you do… Then there’s nothing left for me to say to you.
    (CALEB Turns to look at the empty stage behind him, and moves to stand up, turning to look back at the audience.)
    CALEB: It’s gonna be a wild show tonight, have fun everyone. (Raises bottle) Cheers.
    (CALEB walks off stage and the stage goes dark. Music starts playing as the props are set up to indicate the actual story is about to begin.)

  9. Brandon’s monologue:

    It is roughly 2:30 in the morning, Jackson is sitting with a bottle of whiskey in his living room.
    Rationalizing and intaking the news about his fathers diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

    How could this man be such a bozo?, he hasn’t gone to an actual doctor; how could he even know that he has Alzheimer’s? I forget shit all the time, that doesn’t mean I have Alzheimer’s, it means I’m busy to remember every god damn detail every second of the day. Why do you think they invented planner or reminder logs, even calendars? So people like me, politicians, students, and especially my father write the shit down to know when they wake up, what day it is and plans they have today. Fuck that, fuck this, my father is just being paranoid and letting his mind get the best of him; this is the same guy who taught me how to drive, his method of parallel parking is something I don’t even think is written in any of the books of parking. I nearly seen that old man park a car over a million of times, now what?, his measurements are off once or two since I can remember. Now he writes some sad bullshit letter saying he feels his mind is disappearing? I know my father, “Stubborn as a mule”, but I’ll show him. I’m dragging his ass to a doctor to get him tested, his “I do make mistakes, but I’m never wrong” shit ends now.

  10. In her bedroom, a girl, Sam, paces back and forth while her girlfriend lounges in a beanbag chair by her bed. She has a slightly disheveled appearance, hissing every few moments.

    SAM: You don’t understand. Well, you do, but- Anyways! It hurts, okay? It just hurts. It’s not like I want to be in pain, but I have to. Do you even know how much it sucks to take painkillers and they don’t even work? And then you try to explain to the adults– women, even, and they just go, ‘Oh it’s not that bad. Get over it’. Not that bad, my ass! It feels like my body is being torn to shreds! What, do I have to pass out cold on the floor to get some help? Should I just drop dead? Like, hello, you’re my coach. Shouldn’t you be concerned that one of your players won’t play as well as they could?

    SAM: You’d think that females would sympathize and try to help, but they don’t. They think that just because they went through something means others should go through the same thing. Ooh, I’m just so-!

    Sam pauses in her step.

    SAM: (inhales deeply) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10… (exhales) Sorry, sorry. I’m getting too heated, and I keep rambling. I’m not making much sense, am I? I know you came over to just chill and stuff, but this has just been… a bad day for me. I’m cramping, I feel gross, I got hit in the face at volleyball practice today, I got paint on a new shirt. Just… today sucks. Thanks for listening though… You can pick a movie. I’ll go freshen up real quick.

  11. *In the gym, on the platform, everything, everyone fades to black*
    This is what I trained for 2:59
    This what I do 2:58
    Im the greatest 2:57
    Who can do this? Who? 2:56
    WHO DOES THIS ?! 2:50
    *Deep Breathe* 2:45
    *slight exhale* 2:44
    IM AN ANIMAL 2:00
    I BELONG HERE 1:59
    How many times have I failed, how many times have I quit halfway through? I can’t keep failing, I just can’t. This is it now or never. I’m tired, my knees are weak, my arms are heavy.
    *music fades in* 1:00
    Grip, Brace, Pull :50
    Grip Brace Pull :40
    Grip Brace Pull :30
    GRIP brace pull :20
    GRIP BRACE pull :10
    I gripped, I braced, I pulled, new pr, 455 lbs
    *Everything fades to black*

  12. (College drama class, modern day. A 19 year old girl is discussing a story from her childhood at the front of the class in order to open up and get in touch with her memories.)

    When I was younger, I had a best friend named Jack. We were attached at the hip. Our favorite show was Sesame Street, and I remember going to his house all the time and we would play dress up…and at my 7th birthday party I even kissed him under the table at Chuck E. Cheese’s!

    Our parents thought we were gonna get married someday. I was obsessed with him, even though we were in, like, kindergarten. I remember going to his house and playing with play dough and eating those fruit roll up things, ya know, the ones with the tattoos that you put on your tongue? I have so many silly memories. One time, he was sleepwalking and peed in the fridge in the basement! And another time he dressed up as Hannah Montana at his little sister’s birthday party. And for one Halloween, I decided he had to dress up as the prince because I was gonna be the princess.

    All that stuff was before he moved. After that, I never really saw him again.

    But I saw them the other day, at the mall. It was pretty awkward. I’m not really sure if he remembered me. It’s just sad. We had so many memories, and now…I don’t know. Life goes on, I guess, ya know?

  13. *Spencer enters the room, throwing down her bag and falling onto her bed*

    What did I do wrong this time? Was I too clingy? Too judgmental? Too whiney? Did I talk too much again? Ugh. Seriously… why don’t I have any luck with guys?
    *Small pause*
    Maybe I’m just not meant for a relationship. Maybe I’m not relationship material. Maybe I should… I don’t know. Maybe I should become a lesbian. *Mutters* If only that’s how it worked… I’ll probably end up single forever, and live with a bunch of cats until I die. Guys keep ghosting me and make up fake excuses to leave. If only I knew what about me repels them… Am I really that ugly?
    *Gets up and walks over to mirror, lifting up shirt and pinching skin*
    Am I too fat? I really am trying to lose weight… Ugh, you know, it’s probably because I don’t wear makeup… Oh, god, it’s my nose, isn’t it…
    *Speaks with a little more assertiveness*
    Okay, well… *sighs* I should probably cancel that lunch I have tomorrow. Sheryl can take her boyfriend. Instead I’m just gonna have to watch a bunch of makeup tutorials. Maybe sign up for the gym?

  14. Enter John carrying Ellie in his arms. They both are wearing ripped clothing. John is stained with blood. Ellie is covered in blood and John’s clothes are stained with it.

    John: Remember Ellie? The garden we were at when we went on our first date? The one where you were all red in the face because you wanted me to kiss you. Well, I never told you, Ellie, but that was the best day of my life. I woke up the next morning and felt a universal shift within my soul because I could, for once, see everything so clearly. It was going to be me and you until the day I die. I guess I’m speaking about it now because, well, you’re bleeding a lot Elle.

    John gasps for air and holds back crying.

    It’s so red. There’s a lot of red, and I can’t help myself but think of the way your cheeks were. To think of how I thought I would never be more confused in my life than that day because I was all like, why on earth would a girl like this get nervous over a guy like me? Now, I guess, I am more confused. Not the good kind, Elle. This confusion is leaving me with no idea where our future is going to go now. If we’ll have one.

    Ellie makes a faint groaning noise.

    We’re around one mile away now, Elle. We should be at the house soon. I know a guy about a mile down the road. We escaped, Elle. Safety is so close I can taste it. Just hold on, okay? We will share our story, we will be heroes, we won’t die just victims. We will be okay

  15. (An empty stage. 1830’s england. A single street lamp stationed in the middle of the stage. Rain falling heavily drenching the character, who is sitting under the lamp, crying.)

    Eleanor: Is there a reason why I should withstand their insults? It seems my last name means nothing to them. Must a “lady” act like she has no feelings. I am no puppet, much less their source of gossip. Should I run away? I musnt live this way. I do not deserve this. I’m sure father will understand. I AM his greatest disappointment. The shame that tarnishes his name and his biggest failure- that is what everybody says.

    (Looks up into the only source of light coming from the lamp. The falling raindrops visible.)

    Eleanor: If only I was a drop of rain. I could be a part of the ocean.

  16. Character:

    A Malibu Colony. In a Victorian mansion. Live very wealthy Mille family. They have two children. She works in an accounting company and he has a dentist’s office. Today is their tenth years’ marriage Anniversary for that reason Catherine came home early to arrange a fancy dinner for her husband but he arrives home really late. Catherine is in kitchen put away the food. When she hears the vehicle drive to the driveway.

    ( speaker loudly to herself ) Well, his here. Mr. Perfect decided to come home I can’t believe that he has forgotten about today. This is three year in a row. He used to be such a romantic man.

    ( enters the kitchen) you still up. I see you had a party.

    ( grabbing a glass of red wine with an irritating voice ) You are joking right. Where have you been? It is 2 AM

    Well, I have been working. Not like you having fun drinking and partying.

    I took the effort to prepare this special dinner for our Anniversary. You don ‘t even care to show up. I call you like 100 times. Your phone had a regular signal. You never pick up. What is going on with you. Every today came home super late. You avoid me.

    ( with a series tone) Are you happy in this marriage?

    Well, we experienced some problems. We sure can work on our relationship. Becca told me about this great marriage therapist. We can go to some therapy sessions. We went through so much together.⁰
    I love you. We have two wonderful children together.

    I am seeing someone.( long pause)

    ( dropped her wine glass on the floor) you are what?

    I am having an affair I want a divorce. I try to be faithful but this is much stronger than me with Monika….

    Monika your assistant. This young girl. I know it from the beginning that there was something up with that girl. ( Catherine come closer to Joseph and slap him on the cheek) it was her short skirts or heavy makeup make you so in to her

    It was the way she looked at you.

    We are in love with each other. There is a strong connection between us.


    She is 22 years old. You are 40 years old man with gray hair. What is she seeing in you another then your money?

    She wants to build a family with me. It a fresh start for me. I want a divorce this marriage makes me depressed. You complaining all the time. I am suffering from this marriage. I have it enough.

    So you just replace the family you have for a new one. Your daughter Lily and Amy.

    They are still my daughter no matter what. I talk to my lawyer about getting full custody. It should not be a problem looking at your background.

    I will never give you my children.

    Here sight those papers. I want to have this over so I could marry Monika before our son will be born ( he exits the room )

    (get on her knees and cry out loud) what did I do to deserve this? I try to be a perfect wife

  17. The trees are starting to shed their leaves.
    The forest starts to look more haunting than when I first arrived. I’ve been trapped in this creatures house for the past two days, it gives me clean water and berries to eat. I have a chain tied to my left leg and the missing child is still no where to be found. There is a door that is located on the floor, it must lead to a room under the cabin. the creature goes down there every few hours with the same water and berries. Maybe the child is down there. When it comes back up, it sits across the room near the door and just looks in my direction, while rocking back and forth. In its hand is a wooden carving of a child. Out the window I see the leaves drop from the trees, some sticking to the window when it rains. I’m not sure what to do or how to escape but I’m sure the child is alive and well, but for how long.

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